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The Broughton Trust

The Broughton Trust

We inspire people to live better lives and in so doing improve our community

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The Broughton Trust was set up in December 1999. It is a charity and company limited by guarantee. It has a board of fifteen members in capacity, eight seats reserved for residents and seven for organisations including Social Landlords. The Trust provides adult learning, youth work, employment support and community development across the city. Most of its employees and volunteers live with an 8-mile radius of the organisation.

Introduction to The Broughton Trust

Videos of some of the activities undertaken at [The Broughton Trust](https://www.broughtontrust.org.uk)

Meet our team

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Diane is our Deputy Chief Officer and HR Manager
Deputy Chief Officer

Diane Crowcroft

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Elaine is the Customer Service and Quality Officer at The Broughton Trust.
Customer Service and Quality Officer

Elaine Jones

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Mike is the Chief Officer at The Broughton Trust
Chief Officer

Mike Thorpe


There are 16 members of staff that work across the organisation. We have a Chief Officer, Deputy Chief Officer & HR Manager , Learning Manager, Youth Manager, Assistant Youth Manager, 2 Youth Mentors, 4 Learning and Development Officers, 1 Learning Support Worker, 2 Finance Officers, 1 Customer Service and Quality Officer and 1 Administration Assistant & Receptionist.

Thought the advice I was given was invaluble
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Billy Bragg

A big thank you to all at the Broughton Trust especially Simon. The work you do at the centre is invaluable. I'm now in full time work, I couldn't be happier. Lots of love. Keep up the good work. 
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Linda Wroe

About Us

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0161 831 9807